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Amanda Meyers 

is a lifelong lover of dance. She began teaching as a certified fitness instructor for Jazzercise in 2005. After years of studying Latin Dance at Cabrillo College, she was inspired to try something new and became Zumba-trained in 2014. Feeling like there was something more out there, she followed the advice of a friend and gave Worldanz a try and the rest is history.


Amanda truly found her, “dance family” in Worldanz in 2015 and graduated as a full-fledged instructor in 2016. Worldanz is a unique tribe of its own that she feels truly blessed to be a part of!


She loves taking workshops and classes in all genres of dance to strengthen her dance skills. You may find her at any given local dance workshop claiming her “dance nerd” status and having too much fun.


As a student, she’s completed several semesters of Latin, Hip Hop and Baile Folklorico at Cabrillo College. She’s performed in the Cabrillo Dance Concerts series, and with the Bachata Movimiento club. She also had the honor to compete with the Watsonville Latin Dance Company at the International Grand Ball competition in 2013.


Dance continues to connect Amanda with the most incredible, crazy, wild, fun and creative people. It’s a way of life, good for the mind, body and soul. Come and dance with her soon.

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