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Katherine Foxworthy, CHT, CMA
Available by appointment, M-F and Saturdays
To schedule, please call our front desk
at (831) 228-1177

Pricing:1 hour session $85

If you ask Katherine Foxworthy, "What do you do?" she will tell you, "I do something that fills me with awe and inspires me. I teach clients successful techniques that empower them to live quality lives on their terms."


Katherine is a consulting hypnotists and certified medical support hypnotist with over 7 years experience working with clients. She co-creates personalized solutions with clients to improve their lives. With hypnosis it is easy to de-stress, improve sleep quality, increase self-esteem, attain professional and personal goals, and manage medical conditions. It has been used for thousands of years for spiritual and physical healings. 


In 1958, the American Medical Association, AMA, recognized hypnosis as a complementary modality. Hypnotists work with your medical to team to negate negative stress as a major health risk, reduce unnecessary suffering, increase coping skills and become more resilient during medical treatments. 

Katherine is dedicated to helping clients with innovative and advanced hypnotherapy.  Her goal is to help you achieve long-term health, comfort, and happiness, by attaining peace of mind and harmony both physically and mentally to create the quality of life you desire. 


Imagine your life without barriers to success, chronic pain and discomfort, fears and phobias, unwanted behaviors, habits that inhibit your quality of life. 


With hypnosis you find a path to creating a more gratifying life -- one filled with vitality, enhanced relationships, optimal health, more restful sleep, professional satisfaction, abundance, confidence, and more. The possibilities are endless.

Foxworthy Hypnosis is dedicated to educating the community about the benefits of hypnosis. Katherine is an experienced public speaker available to speak to groups about hypnosis. She is also a passionate advocate for hypnosis self-esteem empowerment. 

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