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Shamanic Energy Medicine

                                     Marilu Shinn                                                            Lorraine Stern

                  Hours of availability at WYDHA: varies                          Hours of availability at WYDHA:

                                                                                               M-F 9AM-8PM, weekends by appointment

Marilu Shinn is honored to be a Mesa Carrier connected to an old lineage of Andean healers. This tradition is based on Earth Medicine Healing. She offers private sessions tailored at connecting you to your subtle anatomy or energy body by clearing away stagnant energies and old imprints that no longer sustain health, vitality & grow. In each private session, Marilu employs shamanic mediums such as using the drum and rattle, sound healing, pure quartz crystals & the plant medicine Palo Santo to elicit balancing & healing. She also holds ceremony with the intention of planting new seeds of awareness for the emerging New Earth.

Learn more about Marilu Shinn at her website:

Lorraine Stern was born and raised in Watsonville, and is proud to call the Central Coast her home.  She has a deep love of this area and the people who reside here. Her father is a retired flower farmer, and although she followed in his footsteps for many years working in the fields, the birth of her first daughter took Lorraine towards the path of healing. She “found” homeopathy when endless rounds of antibiotics couldn’t cure her daughter’s ear infection, and 3 little medicated sugar pellets changed her upset and angry 3 year-old into a happy-go-lucky child in minutes. Wanting to learn more, Lorraine enrolled at Pacific Academy of Homeopathy in San Francisco in 2002.


Once certified, Lorraine went onto learn the Bowen technique for muscle re-alignment, and shamanism. When Lorraine discovered shamanism, a whole new world opened up for her. Shamanic energy work was the missing link, and through extensive advanced trainings with the 4 Winds Society, and Jose Luis Herrera Lorraine was able to step fully into her own life, and claim the health and happiness that awaits all of us. Today, Lorraine combines these healing modalities to help clients take back their health and happiness.  She spends her free time milking goats and making cheese. When not at home Lorraine is usually out hiking in nature or traveling to Peru to learn directly the ancient healing techniques of the Qero shaman. She leads many classes and workshops on self-empowerment at her home near Moss Landing. If you are ready to change your life, and take responsibility for your own health and happiness, then please visit Lorraine. Se habla Español.

Learn more about Lorraine Stern at her website:

Lorraine Stern
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