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Amber Battles 

is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance. Having completed 200 hours with Hot Yoga Aptos and an additional 100-hour advanced training with Hannah Muse, she is working towards completing 500 hours by Spring of 2019.

Amber began practicing yoga in 2008 during her first pregnancy. Amber says: "The first class I ever attended I knew I would do Yoga for the rest of my life. The peace and presence I felt while practicing was something I had not been able to achieve often in my life. I believe yoga to be a sacred practice, a discipline that acts as a remembrance and an unraveling of our true nature that tends to get buried by our busy lives. It is the cultivating of awareness, presence and consciousness - through pranayama, meditation and asana."


Amber currently teaches Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes, well as Kids' Yoga and meditation classes. She has a passion for building community around peace and presence.

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