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Bethann Fishburn lives in La Selva Beach and in Hiroshima, Japan for a part of the year with her family where she teaches private Yoga lessons as well. She teaches what is becoming a popular class in Restorative Yoga and meditation on Tuesdays at 5:30PM.

Bethann completed her 200-hour Yoga teacher training through Luma Yoga of Santa Cruz and has studied the art of Restorative Yoga avidly along with having years of experience in meditation. Her interest in Yoga could be described as Tantric - she gravitates towards mantra, mudra, visualization, sound and the nondual philosophy that is at the heart of Yoga practices. She names Valerie Moselle, Lynda Meeder, Dolores Kent, Jane Freedman as influential teachers in her Yoga practice. She is in the process of becoming certified to teach meditation through the Chopra Institute.

Bethann's family includes five children total, three of whom are grown and on their own, and two who are still at home. Her goal is to provide a peaceful, safe, creative space to explore one’s soul. A firm believer in the Universality of Yoga practice, Bethann says, "If you can breathe you can practice yoga."  Yoga practice is spiritual for Bethann, and she brings a wealth of techniques to allow students to find their own way.

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