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Charlene Mills

Charlene is excited to offer a creative Vinyasa practice on our schedule. She is also a second grade teacher in Watsonville.


Charlene became interested in the mental health and emotional well-being aspects of Yoga and meditation after practicing Asana for many years. What initially drew her to yoga was a back injury from farm work that she was doing when she was 24. Her life was changed after her first class, since then she never let Yoga out of her life.


Charlene has completed two 200-hour trainings: one at Santa Cruz Yoga in 2016, and one at Nexus Institute in Nosara, Costa Rica in 2022.  She will be offering a strong Hatha flow or Vinyasa flow class but what she hopes to bring to students, beyond the movements of Asana practice, is a feeling of peace of mind. She has experienced that Yoga is a practice that can bring a person back to their true Self, and that Yoga provides tools that one can use to see what strengths are already there.

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