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Jameelah Johnson

is an RYT 200 and holds a Bachelor's degree in English and Health with a concentration in Community Health from Virginia State University, VA. She is currently immersed in obtaining an A.S. degree in Early Childhood Education at Sacramento City College. She teaches Yoga widely at Mount Madonna School for children, and also gives adult classes at the Mount Madonna Center and recently at Watsonville Yoga on Monday evenings.

Jameelah received her Yoga teaching certification at the Yoga Seed Collective, Sacramento CA. She lives, teaches and furthers her sadhana at the Mount Madonna Institute. 

"A native of California, I am a creator, a Yogi, and passionate about following the path that at times, calls me, pulls me and propels me forward. I have lived at the Mount Madonna Center for the last year which has helped me to focus on wholeness and liberation, individually and collectively. Those intentions show up in my role as a Yoga teacher, a community health advocate and by holding space for others to connect to their own practices and understanding."


Jameelah's asana sequences are designed to be gentle yet strengthening with a focus on breath and safe alignment. She believes that yoga is for every body and makes her classes accessible for all, leaving students feeling nurtured and refreshed. She is a natural community builder with an abundance of positive energy to share.


Jameelah's classes are designed with inner peace and calm at the heart of the class outcome, sustainability in life, and the goal of a healthy, life-long practice. 

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