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Acupuncture Services

Jennifer Root, LAc.

Hours of Availability: 

Fridays and Saturdays, 9AM - 3PM

Jennifer is a Licensed Acupuncturist and traditional Chinese medicine practitioner. She is a primary care provider practicing in Santa Cruz, California, where she earned her Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine at Five Branches University.

It was through her own health challenges that Jennifer became acquainted with the wonder and wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has experienced on a personal level how effective it is to maintain a respectful balance between the practices of ancient and modern medicine. It was through this balance that Jennifer was able to overcome significant illness. Along the way, she was humbled by the vulnerability one can feel when health is compromised. Through preventative care, or direct engagement of a healing process, Jennifer empowers others to achieve fundamental balance of body, mind and spirit.

Jennifer practices multiple modalities within the scope of Traditional Chinese Medicine, utilizing acupuncture with manual, electro or heat therapy, as well as herbal medicine, dietary and exercise counseling.


Jennifer's details her approach: "Every living body has the capacity to heal itself. I am a healer only in the sense that my own body has healed from significant illness. This does not always occur spontaneously, but with authentic guidance from people who practice medicine in a variety of ways. Throughout my own healing process, I have asked a lot of questions. Along this infinitely curious path, Traditional Chinese Medicine has been the most enlightening. I am deeply honored to join the multitude of generations who practice this medicine, but when a patient gets well under my care, they are ultimately the healer. My role is to keep asking the questions that guide us toward our own answers to balanced health."

Jennifer is available to give treatments on Saturdays from 10AM - 2PM.

Learn more at or contact her by email

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