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Michelle Bakker

has an endless curiosity of healing the body and mind through dance, health and wellness.


Her passion for movement began the first time she put on her ballet slippers which led to years of dedication in the dance studio. She has studied with the Royal Academy of Dance, San Francisco Ballet School and the Cecchetti Classical Ballet School where she received her Grade IV certification from the Cecchetti Council of America.  


Later in life she continued her involvement in dance and fitness while working and raising her son. In addition to ballet, Michelle has explored other styles of dance and fitness to include jazz, modern, tap, Zumba and SPIN.  She recently received her Pilates mat teaching certification where she was trained in the knowledge of choreography progression, anatomy and kinesiology put forth by the Pilates Method Alliance.

Encouraged by her progress, Michelle wants to share

Pilates and movement with others. She is inspired by

developing a Pilates class format that uses music, movement, connection and positive feelings to promote the ability to make a holistic link to oneself: body, mind, and soul.

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