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Monica Yool

received her Teaching Certification in 2011, and was introduced to Yoga about 15 years ago. The practice has changed her life, brought more awareness, supported healthier habits, outlooks, mindsets, and relationships. She offers a Beginning Yoga class on Thursdays at 7PM.


Monica has a gentle approach, respecting the foundations of Yoga; and gives clear and precise instruction. She shows her concern for students' well-being with her versatile approach to modifying poses to help personalize the practice, and always creates a safe atmosphere where people are not pressured to feel they should do more than what they are capable of physically. 

Monica's Beginning Yoga class is designed to get students familiar with connecting the body to the breath through postures with both movement and stillness. 

She lives in Elkhorn Slough and is grateful to share the gift of Yoga with the local community!

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