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5:45PM Beginning Yoga and

7PM Beginning / Level 1 Yoga


10:30AM FREE Bilingual Yoga for Cancer Recovery 

sponsored by Dignity Health / Katz Cancer Resource Center


7PM Heated Hatha Yoga (90 degrees)


9AM Hathat Flow + Restorative Yoga

10:30AM Beginning Yoga 

Nicoletta Rubino

started to practice Yoga in 2004 at the Arbol del Yoga studio in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with teacher Quetzal Rios. There she studied Vinyasa flow, Yin, and Hatha Yoga. She also took classes at Dharma Yoga with teacher Paola Campillo in Vinyasa flow and Hatha Yoga.


Nicoletta studied in private group lessons with Gayatri Luna in Puerto Vallarta as well, to refine and deepen her understanding of the practices of Yoga.

Since 2010, Nico has been sharing the Yoga practice with community groups in public spaces in Mexico, where she lives for part of the year.

In July of 2017, Nicoletta participated in the Yoga Festival in Puerto Vallarta teaching Yoga, meditation and natural nutrition workshops. She loves the devotional side of the Yoga practice and pursues it in Kirtan (meditative music and singing) and meditation.


Nicoletta is passionate about teaching Beginners Yoga because it represents one of the most important and critical levels of this discipline. She is able to share the foundations of safe and individualized alignment for Yoga asanas and teaches breathing techniques for concentration and relaxation. Engaging with members of the community in Spanish and English, Nicoletta wishes to ignite the connection in her students for this ancient spiritual discipline which provides strong physical health benefits and spiritual well-being.

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