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Rachel Sonnenblick

took her first yoga class in 1994 while attending the University of California at Santa Cruz. As a runner and cyclist she appreciated the physical release of the asana practice, and as a stressed-out student she benefited immensely from the emotional and mental effects of her early pranayama and meditation practice.


Rachel has continued to consistently practice and train since that first class almost thirty years ago. Highlights of her training include: completing the 200-hour teacher training program at the Ananda ashram in 1997; studying with the Iyengar family at their school in Pune, India in 2001; completing an Ashtanga Teacher Training with David Swenson in 2003; numerous workshops and retreats with Ana Forrest ongoing since 2005; continuing education workshops focused on trauma-informed yoga teaching in 2017 and 2018; and regular practice and classes with many of the amazing local instructors who teach in Santa Cruz County.

A kinesthetic learner herself, Rachel's teaching style is largely based in the asana practice, using the poses as tools to help her students connect to their body, breath, and awareness of the moment. She adamantly believes that each student is the true expert in their own bodily experience, and offers instruction and guidance as a means to support her students in developing and affirming their personal sense of physical awareness and ownership. Known for her goofy sense of humor, Rachel works to create a lighthearted, comfortable atmosphere in her classes.

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