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Lauren Stephanoff

Lauren has practiced yoga since 1999, but it wasn’t until she became pregnant in 2013 that she recognized how integral it was to her overall well being. Prior to having her daughter, she worked in various roles as a Registered Nurse. She was introduced to yoga with children when she first attended a Toddler & Me class in 2015, and has been called to keep playing at it since. She completed the Kids Yoga Teacher Training at Luma Family Yoga Center with Lynda Meeder in early 2017. 


Lauren offers a compassionate space for little ones and their caregivers to move, create, and simply be in. Her classes, offered at Luma and Watsonville Yoga, Dance and Healing Arts are a lighthearted combination of yoga and nature inspired movement and song, with emphasis on the breath, connection, imagination, and learning to flow with what is. She enjoys being out in nature; time connecting with family, friends and community; and practicing and co-creating yoga inspired movement with her daughter, Delia.


In addition to her teaching, Lauren co-created MATR meditation cushions.

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