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Marilu Shinn

Marilu's passion for Yoga began in 2000 when she took a Bikram Yoga class. She was absolutely blown away by the amount of insight & by how relaxed her body felt after one single Yoga class! Since then her practice has been consistent.


Marilu has been teaching Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga flow locally and at resorts in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico since 2003. She completed her Yoga Teacher Training at Mount Madonna School in 2003. She has taught Yoga to people from all walks of life: in Cabo, Mexico she continues each year to teach both locals and tourists; to those students who are new to the practice, and to seasoned students who like herself have adopted Yoga as a practice and as a lifestyle.


Marilu's teaching style combines mindful breathing, proper posture and awareness. While Hatha Yoga focuses more on proper posture and alignment, Vinyasa flow is a more dynamic, energizing class. Her intention is to help students become more aware of the ways in which their bodies work to achieve health, and she is always aiming at providing practical tools on the yoga mat that will carry on to students' everyday life.  


In addition to her Yoga teaching, Marilu is honored to be a Mesa Carrier connected to an old Lineage of Andean Healers. This Tradition is based on Earth Medicine Healing. She offers private sessions tailored at connecting you to your subtle anatomy or energy body by clearing away stagnant energies and old imprints that no longer sustain health, vitality & grow. In each private session, Marilu employs shamanic mediums such as using the drum and rattle, sound healing, pure quartz crystals & the plant medicine Palo Santo to elicit balancing & healing. She also holds ceremony with the intention of planting new seeds of awareness for the emerging New Earth.

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