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Paige Stein 
has been a student of Yoga and Ayurvedic practice for over 8 years. She completed a 235-hour Hatha Yoga certification, at Devanadi School of Yoga. During this time, Paige immersed herself in Pranayama, meditation, Yoga, and Ayurvedic practice. Paige has always had an affinity for plants and herbalism - she found that Ayurveda deepened her interest in the vast healing relationship between people and herbs. It was this that inspired her to study herbalism in the Pacific Northwest, where she completed an herbalist program through Columbine School of Botanicals.

Beyond Paige's dedication to the healing arts, she finds passion in hula hooping and fire dancing. She continues to allow time for growth in flow arts, movement, and free expression. Her intention with teaching is to inspire others and hold space for movement, healing, and self-expression. She hopes to encourage self-exploration, plant medicine, nervous system restoration, creativity, and self confidence. 

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