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Teresa Lee


Teresa Lee is an experienced and passionate Yoga Instructor with over five years of teaching experience. She has studied for years with Kent Bond of Willow Glen Yoga and also Bhavani Maki of Yoga Kauai. She helped to manage Willow Glen Yoga's programs for several years, and is a business owner with two teenaged children. Teresa credits Yoga with giving her life a deep and endless resource for a foundation of resilience, reflection, self-awareness, and balance.


Teresa shares Yoga practices that are deeply rooted in Hatha based lineage with a strong foundation in Ashtanga and Iyengar principles. She is energetic, personable, and approachable. Teresa is committed to providing a safe and nourishing environment with attention to proper alignment, awareness of the breath, and working within one’s own capacity. She is dedicated to inspiring others through the transformative aspects of Yoga as an art and science in developing one’s personal journey of wellness, enlightenment, and inner peace.

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