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Gina Garcia 

Born and raised in Guatemala, Gina Garcia traveled to the United States at the age of sixteen to pursue her interest in art and dance. She studied at Boston University, ultimately transferring to and receiving her degree in Fine Arts at the University of California—Santa Cruz.  In addition to painting and dancing, Gina spent her time studying psychology, cultural anthropology, and traveling.  


Gina developed Worldanz in 2008 as a way in which to combine her love of dance, her unyielding interest in global cultures, and her restless desire to exercise both aggressively and unapologetically. Having spent twenty-five years studying every dance form that came her way, Gina wanted to find a way to share the unique and intricate gifts that each form provides.


Similarly, as a fitness enthusiast, Gina has remained extremely interested in helping people tap into the joy of high-intensity training. Aside from the obvious physical benefits of feeling strong, healthy, and embodied, Gina wants people to experience the mental and spiritual rewards that come with maximum athletic exertion within the ecstatic study of dance.

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