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Jenne Wood Taylor

is a Capoeira student of Mestre Papiba at Raízes do Brasil in Santa Cruz. She has been playing Capoeira for 12 years and practices in the Santa Cruz studio, where she met her husband Iran. She and Iran also play at home, mostly as a way to settle down their 6-month-old baby Luzia, who developed a love for the sway of Capoeira in the womb and already has a strong preference for movement.


Jenne grew up in Madison, Wisconsin and got degrees from Middlebury College and Ripon College, traveling as much as she could in between and afterwards to Latin America. Her love for movement had been expressed primarily through running until she saw Capoeira being played.

The physical conversation and music continue to inspire Jenne as a student (Mestre Papiba is a beautiful musician and infuses his original music into the group). Additionally, the resistance history and culture of Capoeira transfer into Jenne's passion for community organizing through Cosecha, an immigrant rights movement. 

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