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Oumou Faye 

is from Senegal, and is a highly-acclaimed dancer and teacher who lives in Santa Cruz with her husband Mbor and their children. Her classes are a high-energy, joyful exploration of traditional Senegalese dance and incredibly uplifting. Oumou manages to give personalized instruction within the dynamic group classes she leads and is very nurturing of all students with her instruction, helping each dancer to find their way to greater freedom of expression while keeping a strong focus on transmitting the dance without flaw in regards to her tradition.

With the accompaniment of Mbor and other drummers, Oumou's classes are full of the power, beauty and community spirit of African dance. She always warms up her dancers with a graceful and energizing session grounded in Senegalese dance moves, so dancers are ready to dive in right in and give their all when she starts sharing choreography. Oumou's classes are thoughtful for the progress of dancers of all levels. 

She currently teaches at the Tannery World Dance Center in Santa Cruz, and in Watsonville at our studio on Sunday mornings at 11:15AM. 

No matter what mood you're in when you arrive, prepare to be happy, inspired and relaxed after her class!

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