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Sara Desjardins

is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) 200 with Yoga Alliance, through Mount Madonna Institute. After being re-introduced to Yoga while rehabilitating from substance use disorder in 2018, Sara fell in love with the practice, finding it to be a healthy way to release emotional and physical tension while cultivating a connection with herself and others. 


Sara feels Yoga brings her peace the same way nature does, calming the mind in a way that allows for enough space to process difficult emotions rather than escape from them. Yoga has allowed her to find reprieve from clinical depression and has assisted in her recovery from addiction. She feels that, although Yoga is an excellent source of exercise providing strength and flexibility, it is most notably a way to connect.


From here the seed was planted, and by July of 2019, Sara had completed an intensive 200-hour Yoga teacher training at Mount Madonna Institute and began to teach shortly there after. She is also enrolled with Yoga Alliance. 


Sara wants to share the gift of Yoga with as many people as possible, as it has brought her such joy and stability through the healing of mind, body and spirit.


Her focus is on building strength, concentration and connection through poses, breath and meditation. She is clear with her directions while offering multiple options within a pose creating accessibility for all levels of experience. 


Sara looks forward to continuing her journey of self-discovery and education while creating a brave, gentle and compassionate space for others to do the same!

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