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Sound Healing

Michele Newman, Psychic Sound Healer
Available by appointment, M-F and Saturdays
To schedule, please call our front desk
at (831) 228-1177

Pricing:1 hour session for $70, 80 minutes for $100

As a psychic sound healer, Michele integrates her spiritual direction, training, and deep listening with voice, crystal bowls, sound play games, and a non-judgmental, safe place for people to express their deepest soul sense utilizing music as the diving board.  She has years of experience working with people in cancer clinics as complementary medicine, leads groups & workshops in many venues, and has private clients. She now uses her process with healthy people and kids to help them with their anxiety, stress and fears. She’s an intuitive, singer-songwriter, spiritual guide, Cantorial Leader, Sound Alchemist.

Reduce Pain, Stress & Worry ~ Increase Sleep, Peace & Hope!

Buff Up Your Spiritual Immune System!

Immerse your whole being in healing crystal bowl sound resonance & Michele's Angelic Voice.
Experience Vibrational Frequencies that reverberate through your cells and your soul.

Discover your Innermost Truth for Healing Your Mind, Body & Spirit.  Dive deep inside your own soul! 


You are supported by pure resonance of the alchemical crystal bowl sound bath:

●  Crystal Singing bowls, chimes, bells and other sound healing instruments.

●  Feel the reverberation of your personal inner harmony.


Private Energy Sessions offer personal practices to support your deepest healing.

●  Learn to listen deeply, tune in to your soul’s guidance, and joyfully spring into action to create what you really want in life.

"I am convinced that the use of healing with sound will soon become standard practice for many physicians. Mitchell L. Gaynor, MD (NY Oncologist)

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