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Yari Diaz

was brought to Yoga as a therapy when in 2008 she had a serious bike accident and her life changed. She began to experience pain in her right knee especially when the weather drastically changed. For two years Yari struggled with uncertainty about her recovery, and she left to Cuba. When she returned, she decided to give Yoga a try -- that was 6 years ago. 


Yari believes Yoga is your own healing practice of mind and body. Her determination to recover from the accident and to alleviate the serious pain she was in led her to focus her practice on body, alignment, and asanas; and later the spiritual satisfaction how Yoga nourished her mind became her journey. She learned to work with and accommodate her practice to the needs of her body, and that has driven an intention to work similarly to help others get to the root cause of aches and pains. She is especially touched by the physical hardship of those who do challenging labor-intensive jobs such as fieldwork. Yari has experience in the practice of Bikram, Restorative, Yin, and Vinyasa Flow, but loves all Yoga practices for what they contribute to her life. She received her 200 hour training at Yoga for the People, an activist and service-oriented Yoga program in San Francisco.

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